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In my last visit to the United Kingdom I had the opportunity and the privilege to be part of the activity of by the hand of the amazing Baroness Essex, taking part in the production The Motherland, soon to be found at website.

I must say that it has been a pleasant surprise to see that the project led by Baroness Essex, in which elegance, distinction and ladyship stand out, the real deal for anyone interested in FemDom. The company was exceptional, the ambience unbeatable and the Baroness Essex facilities idyllic.

Between preparations, shots, interludes and courtesies I had the opportunity to share impressions, ideas and opinions about the scene and the Pro-FemDom, of the great changes that have occurred in the last times, not precisely positive, of how the massive intrusion of prostitution has diluted and neutralized the sense of BDSM practice and philosophy and how this distracts some with its artificially sweetened complacency of easy reward and happy ending, leading the latter to the same banal and mundane dissatisfaction of always, to the same internal emptiness and finally coincide in the conclusion, the common objective: resurgence of the most exclusive facet of the FemDom, the extoltion and apology of the figure of the Mistress, Domina, Owner and Lady, elegant, elitist and powerful. Intelligent. Cruel and twisted; knowledgeable of Her power. With the ability of innerly freeze and electrocute you with a word and one second later overwhelm you and make you melt and burn with the single touch of her finger. What we are and we will never cease to be. Aware that union makes the force and cooperation between Ladies is an indispensable requirement at a time when intrusiveness, the embarrassing lack of knowledge, experience and aptitude seems to expose to extinction what we all love and enjoy so much.

I take this last lines to send an affectionate greeting from Madrid to Baroness Essex and Her exceptional team – a charming BDSM family, we will meet again very soon and continue collaborating and enjoying. In the meanwhile do not miss The Motherland and the latest on



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Every great achievement requires time and dedication, and in what We, Women, are concerned about, Maternity, that sign of the great power that We enclose is not an exception.

I am glad to communicate that everything went great and after this partial break I’m back with more energy than ever and in perfect shape – I say partial because a mind like Mine never disconnects from everything that loves, some of You, fortunated, have been dumb witnesses, helpless, other accomplices … of My last mischiefs.

This time has undoubtedly been a great opportunity to meditate and give an extra twist to the perversion with which I rule over My Domain and which perhaps, with some good luck and a lot of devotion you could be part.



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On December 15th, the third edition of LADIES PLAYGROUND took place, in an evening full of perverse games, fun and comradeship for the enjoyment of the attending Ladies. An image says more than a thousand words, so here I leave you some that speak for themselves.

It is gratifying to see that, despite the current situation, FemDom like Rock’n’Roll, never dies! And of course it has been special to share it with such an exceptional Company.

We await you all in the next edition of LADIES PLAYGROUND IV premiering on a new year (January 12th, 2017). Are you going to miss it?

Dominatrix Ira von Mesmer


LADIES PLAYGROUND III: Thursday, December 15th 2016 @STUDIO ONE

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Hello everyone!

I am pleased to share with all of you that next Thursday, December 15th between 6:00 pm and 9:00 pm, a new edition of LADIES PLAYGROUND will take place at Studio One Madrid.

On this occasion we will be attending Mistress Johanna, Mistress Furia Fuego and Dómina Ira von Mesmer.

You will have the exclusive chance to know Us, to participate and to be the object of Our games and relentless perversions, leaving behind the mundane of your life during the evening and immerse in Our absolutely deviant lifestyle and enjoyment.

LADIES PLAYGROUND is synonymous with Play with dominant Women in pure, natural and spontaneous state: You can expect a lot of everything: Fetish, games of verbal and physical humiliation, bondage, domestic service, sodomization, CBT, slave competition, corporal punishment, sensory  deprivation and magnification, tease & denial, human toilet, feet Worship, boot fetish, forced feminization, forced-bi and a long and exciting etcetera.

Your discretion and anonymity are guaranteed unless you are into exhibitionism. The limits will be respected. Be clear that the attention you will receive will depend on your degree of delivery. LADIES PLAYGROUND is specially designed for the enjoyment of the Ladies. COME AND DELIVER TO US.

Note that a maximum attendance is established to guarantee that the experience will be intense for all the participants.

Next event: December 15th 2016 (18:00 – 21:00)

Contribution: 60€ /Hour

Information & Reservation:  +34.603.305.795 /



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A new edition of LADIES PLAYGROUND took place On December 1st at STUDIO ONE MADRID. The Ladies Madame Victoria and Mistress Kawa accompanied Me in an evening full of wicked games and perversion with the submissive attendants. After the noise of the action, the Ladies in attendance had occasion to share impressions and opinions about the experience and several were the points in common, mainly the feeling that this was the beginning of long cycle of events of reference in the city of Madrid regarding BDSM and FEMDOM in particular and of course the fact that We all left wanting more and more.

The concept behind LADIES PLAYGROUND, a group of dominant Women gathered together in an adequate and equipped space, and enjoying what submissives, slaves and fetishists yearn for and seek in their deepest fantasies, the possibilities it offers in terms of variety of individual and collective actions and infinite possibilities, with a contribution to access so contained, necessarily had to be a success, and so it has been.

Said that, we will continue looking forward to next Thursday, December 08th, with a new addition to the Femme Fatale: Ella Mistress, whom you will have the opportunity to meet and submit to, in the next edition of LADIES PLAYGROUND. Together, with the already consecrated Madame Victoria, Mistress Kawa and I, Dómina Ira. We hope to exceed the expectations created last Thursday, with new twisted games for the delight, desire and suffering of the assistants and of course to satisfy Our exquisite pleasures.

You can find more information about LADIES PLAYGROUND and reservation in the EVENTS section.




Matriarchal & Matrifocal Female Supremacy. I, Queen Mother.

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It fills Me with joy and pride to share with you all that My third son, from My third marriage, is on track, I enter on the fifth month and this is why today I am writing a few lines to you, wherever you may be, members or applicants to My entourage – My knights of the Round Table and devoted servants, comrades of game and perversion, followers and admirers, to share with you the magic of the Miracle of Life that now resides in Me.

As a Woman, firm believer and advocate of the figure and role of modern Women as leaders in society and family and as a Dominatrix of strong convictions, this fact is no more than the confirmation of what many Women intuit and some of We already know on good authority: the true Power lies in Us, the Women, the source of vital energy of our species and that is why We have the responsibility to govern our lives and direct our environment the way only the Women know how: with instinct, wisdom and discipline.

Those of you who know Me, know very well that I have a predilection for discipline and protocol in My acting and interacting: it has been, it is and it will always be like this. This is something that defines Me and, undoubtedly, after crossing the threshold from lifestyle BDSM to professional some years ago, I really feel proud of it. I enjoy it, I love it and I intend to continue enjoying it until My last breath.

In line with the Power and Responsibility of Women, I would like to bring a reflection to all of you, but especially to all of the Women: Does it make sense to bitterly complain about the weaknesses and defects of men if We, Mistresses and Governesses of our slaves, Women of our husbands and Mothers of our children, are responsible of educating and teaching them so therefore We must do it? In my opinion, Female Supremacy, is not just about wearing heels, leather and rubber, whipping and performing refined tortures -I will not lie, I love to – but I think that the true sense of the Female Supremacy is precisely the fact about which I invited you to meditate a few lines before: The Power and Responsibility of Women as Natural and fully fledged Leaders.

I do not want anyone to be confused: By being pregnant I won’t stop practicing what I most enjoy in life, to Instruct  & Dominate and much less stop the fun and entertainment with you all. In fact, unless medical and health recommendation is determined, a pregnant Woman, taking minimal precautions is fully functional and, in addition, this is why you, the subs, are in front of Us, at Our feet: to please Us and make Our life easier and enjoyable, isn’t it? For this reason I make it clear: I am at My best moment, tough and renovated to bring My sessions to a higher level, overflowing sensuality and an incipient instinct that makes Me want to explore new games and twisted fantasies. It is My will and it will be This way, of course, with those of you that have enough courage and personal qualities to be in My presence.

Dominatrix Ira von Mesmer.


UPDATE (21st NOV 16):

Here I bring a few pics from this week. 8 months pregnant. I, Queen Mother. Crueler than ever. Do you dare to Be at My feet & please My wickedest whims?


Welcome to My new website!

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Be welcome to My new website, where you can find a lot of information regarding My activities, news, events, digital media, etc.

In this new stage at the front of Studio One – Dungeon & Suite Madrid, I want to bring to reality the darkest and most perverse BDSM fantasies, with you.

In the meanwhile, I share the promo video of Studio One – Dungeon & Suite Madrid, our playground.