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After a rest period I retake the activity at the website. There’s not a better way to do it than sharing with you that Studio One Madrid has been moved and reopens its doors, in which I hope it will be a new stage of play, intense action and emotion.

There have been several reasons that led Me to take this decision but they are now the past. What now matters is to continue making it grow and grow to cover new ways of play and refinements in the interpretation and execution of well-known techniques  – those of you who already met Me in session know that I can delight in the simplest and sophisticate it into a spiral twist, sometimes subliminal other manifest but always suprising, for My enjoyment – at a time when, despite everything seems to be already seen,  reality surpasses fiction and according to My experience, the more you play, experience and learn, the more you become aware of what keeps hidden below the surface, a charm for curiosity, the driving force that make us develop our darkest instincts. 

We can not forget that the spirit of the places is made by the people who inhabit them, and this One is My Dwelling. 

Soon more photos and information. Those of you interested in collaborating and take part of the project can get in touch by email or using the contact form.

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