I don’t believe in coincidences so if you are reading these lines right now it is because you were predestined to it. Be welcome to My Dominion.

Many others (before you) described Me as a Goddess, Highness, Priestest, Kommandant, Lady, Mistress and Owner… But for you, if you still don’t know Me, I’ll tell you I’m the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. Unique and True, Ira von Mesmer, Professional Dominatrix based in Madrid.

In My personal side I hold two dregrees, I speak fluently several languages and I have managed some business. I have traveled around the world and will continue travelling the rest of My life. I adore it. I spent most of My childhood and adolescence in the United States, thing that has brought a wide cultural perspective to Me  and, without a doubt, has left an indelible mark on the Woman I am today.

The way to Excellence is marked by aptitude, ability and experience. In My particular case My beginnings in Lifestile BDSM date back to My adolescence, going through a real 24/7 Experience carried out later, during 3 years, in a set up 250 acre Estate 35 Miles away from Madrid city. I’m sure that most of you would have enjoyed being chased & catched by Me, while riding My favourite horse… In that stage more than 20 subfemales and submales were at My charge and full disposal under My property and therefore under My responsibility. There were lots of games, good times and above all lessons learnt. This is BDSM, not what abounds nowadays where you don’t really know who is submitting, entertaining and pleasing to whom. With Me you can stay calm, as soon as you are in front of Me, you won’t have a doubt.

I don’t want no one to be confused by appearances. in My personal facet I’m an extreme player and I delight Myself in intense play. This does not mean that anyone must be afraid of being severely punished against his will. The limits will be specified beforehand and will be respected. My registries are almost infinite and, if your behaviour is the proper, you will discover new Dimensions. I love exploring and will always look for a better version of yourself for Me.

I’m definitively competitive. I was taught into proving Myself at the most hard contexts. I’m in the top of the game of seduction. I know how to calculate your intentions and will constantly put you into new challenges and will even make fun of your techniques and strategies. I’m obstinated so pleasing Me won’t be easy. But admit it, it is because of this, of being so much unreachable, that I’m much more attractive to you.

I adore success in both, My personal and professional side. I’m a massive seduction weapon. I’m beautiful, I have magnetism, intelligence and natural charm, which make Me  stand out at work and in My life. I never leave a bet or a challenge unattended. The idea of confronting and defeating excites Me. I’m astute, aggressive and dominant at the same time I’m intuitive, well-mannered and an enthusiast of Protocol & Comradeship. With a privileged vision and a great eagerness for perfection. I’m authoritarian and proud. I have  an iron will, courage, resistance, energy and perseverance.

I have a natural and innate talent regarding the activation of fantasies and making them take off. You will find a persuasive and intimidating combination of beauty, sensuality and exquisiteness in Me, accompanied of a perverse, seductive and twisted mind. You will surrender and deliver to Me and once you get to My Universe you will have the privilege and realize that severity, tenderness, cruelty and refinement conjugate in Me with a heartrending counterpoint.

This life is not about what you want, what you need or what you deserve but it is about what you can get or win even if you don’t want it, don’t need it or don’t deserve it. My D/s side is not an exception so you will have to win each of the privileges I give to you.

Now you must choose if you want to begin this way to My feet or to abandon the idea that brought you right here and continue being just another common person. As you see, the game starts right here and right now.

Dominatrix Ira von Mesmer