Matriarchal & Matrifocal Female Supremacy. I, Queen Mother.

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It fills Me with joy and pride to share with you all that My third son, from My third marriage, is on track, I enter on the fifth month and this is why today I am writing a few lines to you, wherever you may be, members or applicants to My entourage – My knights of the Round Table and devoted servants, comrades of game and perversion, followers and admirers, to share with you the magic of the Miracle of Life that now resides in Me.

As a Woman, firm believer and advocate of the figure and role of modern Women as leaders in society and family and as a Dominatrix of strong convictions, this fact is no more than the confirmation of what many Women intuit and some of We already know on good authority: the true Power lies in Us, the Women, the source of vital energy of our species and that is why We have the responsibility to govern our lives and direct our environment the way only the Women know how: with instinct, wisdom and discipline.

Those of you who know Me, know very well that I have a predilection for discipline and protocol in My acting and interacting: it has been, it is and it will always be like this. This is something that defines Me and, undoubtedly, after crossing the threshold from lifestyle BDSM to professional some years ago, I really feel proud of it. I enjoy it, I love it and I intend to continue enjoying it until My last breath.

In line with the Power and Responsibility of Women, I would like to bring a reflection to all of you, but especially to all of the Women: Does it make sense to bitterly complain about the weaknesses and defects of men if We, Mistresses and Governesses of our slaves, Women of our husbands and Mothers of our children, are responsible of educating and teaching them so therefore We must do it? In my opinion, Female Supremacy, is not just about wearing heels, leather and rubber, whipping and performing refined tortures -I will not lie, I love to – but I think that the true sense of the Female Supremacy is precisely the fact about which I invited you to meditate a few lines before: The Power and Responsibility of Women as Natural and fully fledged Leaders.

I do not want anyone to be confused: By being pregnant I won’t stop practicing what I most enjoy in life, to Instruct  & Dominate and much less stop the fun and entertainment with you all. In fact, unless medical and health recommendation is determined, a pregnant Woman, taking minimal precautions is fully functional and, in addition, this is why you, the subs, are in front of Us, at Our feet: to please Us and make Our life easier and enjoyable, isn’t it? For this reason I make it clear: I am at My best moment, tough and renovated to bring My sessions to a higher level, overflowing sensuality and an incipient instinct that makes Me want to explore new games and twisted fantasies. It is My will and it will be This way, of course, with those of you that have enough courage and personal qualities to be in My presence.

Dominatrix Ira von Mesmer.


UPDATE (21st NOV 16):

Here I bring a few pics from this week. 8 months pregnant. I, Queen Mother. Crueler than ever. Do you dare to Be at My feet & please My wickedest whims?


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