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In my last visit to the United Kingdom I had the opportunity and the privilege to be part of the activity of by the hand of the amazing Baroness Essex, taking part in the production The Motherland, soon to be found at website.

I must say that it has been a pleasant surprise to see that the project led by Baroness Essex, in which elegance, distinction and ladyship stand out, the real deal for anyone interested in FemDom. The company was exceptional, the ambience unbeatable and the Baroness Essex facilities idyllic.

Between preparations, shots, interludes and courtesies I had the opportunity to share impressions, ideas and opinions about the scene and the Pro-FemDom, of the great changes that have occurred in the last times, not precisely positive, of how the massive intrusion of prostitution has diluted and neutralized the sense of BDSM practice and philosophy and how this distracts some with its artificially sweetened complacency of easy reward and happy ending, leading the latter to the same banal and mundane dissatisfaction of always, to the same internal emptiness and finally coincide in the conclusion, the common objective: resurgence of the most exclusive facet of the FemDom, the extoltion and apology of the figure of the Mistress, Domina, Owner and Lady, elegant, elitist and powerful. Intelligent. Cruel and twisted; knowledgeable of Her power. With the ability of innerly freeze and electrocute you with a word and one second later overwhelm you and make you melt and burn with the single touch of her finger. What we are and we will never cease to be. Aware that union makes the force and cooperation between Ladies is an indispensable requirement at a time when intrusiveness, the embarrassing lack of knowledge, experience and aptitude seems to expose to extinction what we all love and enjoy so much.

I take this last lines to send an affectionate greeting from Madrid to Baroness Essex and Her exceptional team – a charming BDSM family, we will meet again very soon and continue collaborating and enjoying. In the meanwhile do not miss The Motherland and the latest on


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