Etiquette & Protocol

These are the general rules that will guarantee the right and satisfactory development of our session.

– When  talking to Me, do it in a polite and respectful way. I am a Dominatrix. . I adore what I do so when talking or writing I suggest that you expand  your horizon from the start and go into the role. My experience says this courtesy makes the difference.

– It is not recommendable to consume drugs or alcohol before session. Belive Me, you don’t need an altered sense of perception, just let Me control when and why your perception gets altered.

– You must include in your first message a brief note, informing about any disease, injury or limitation you have. You will inform about your experience and limits too.

– You should hydrate yourself  well before our session.

– I demand for cleaness and neatness . It will be Me who will tarnish you.

– Punctuality is an essential requisite. Be in time.

– You must apply for your session with 24h in advance.

– Session appointments are confirmed once the reservation deposit is satisfied.

– In case you cannot assist to a confirmed session you will have to communicate it with 24h in advance. Otherwise you will not have the right of relocation or refund.