Financial Domination

I must say I do not agree with those FinDom profiles, in which a sub gives alms to a pseudo-Dominatrix, in order to obtain a “Private Dance”. This is shameful and has another name and we all know it. In My particular case, it is a personal option and with the right partner it can be a really perverse and funny game. FinDom is not for everyone, that’s clear, so do not lose your time, and above all, don’t make Me lose Mine. What do I mean?  This is a high level serious game, for high socioeconomic level REAL subs, those between the 1% of the 1%. That’s why We, REAL Dommes, don’t believe in it. All the rest is a fake and will find an instant and categorical NO in return.

I understand FinDom comprehended between Lifestyle Female Domination with real property engagements. Said in another way, this is a serious kind of relationship that can achieve the toughest level of control, humiliation, stress and excitement. Of course power is one of My favourite fetishes, but not at any price. Money is always a good servant but a bad master.

I will assess each applicant and will decide. Here you will find some examples:

Blackmail: I will discover your weak point although you try to hide it, if it is not yourself who confess it to Me and show Me where to Hit. Once done, You will be between the sword and the wall. You will be Mine and will satisfy Me or you will pay the consequences.

Human ATM: You crave to be that wimp that looks astonished while his Owner spends his all Money and humilliates and boasts at him.

Pig-Tax: You are an inferior, imperfect, weak and vicious being. Your lack of moral and will power don’t allow you to meet your own expectations and goals in life. With The Discipline Regime I will install over you, you will learn the virtue through sacrifice, and will pay the tribute. Belive Me, you will be thankful.

Trick or Treat: You will be challenged in wicked and perverted ways. Only your devotion and willing of delivery will keep you alive in this game in which you will succeed in My challenges or will pay dearly for it, if you fail.

Total Budget Control: One of the more extreme FinDom variations. You will relinquish the control over your actives, I will control your budget and you will be at My Mercy.