I’m really proud of the results of so many months of hard work with the web site I made Myself, the clipstore, the audiostore, the renewal of photography and digital media, etc. It has been such a big mountain to climb, lot of concepts to learn an put into practice, and a few nightmares too but now, after all this,  everything I want is to enjoy the perveted landscapes that all this offers to Me and share them with you all.

Everything in this life has a cost. Some months ago I found Myself discussing with an old friend about the production costs in Professional Domination and Digital Media Entertaintment for adult. And we both thinked the same: As a consumers, fans, enthusiastic and addicted the key is to support the creators we love.

That’s pretty simple: We are all bored of surfing the web, with ads flooding, redirections, frauds, malware, lack of privacy, misuse of our personal data, piracy and hacking, etc. And at the same time we all want the best session, the finest place, and the ultimate media to fulfil our expectations.


As consumers, enjoyers and fans we nearly have a convenient obligation: If you love what you see, listen or experiement then support all these and future projects. paraphrasing Arquimides, give Me a point of support and I will move up to down  your whole Private Universe.