– One to one session with Dómina Ira: I want you to tell Me about your availability in order to close an appointment with date, start time and duration of the session. Once confirmed My availability you will have to follow the session reservation procedure and wait anxiously to be in My hands, in My Dominion.

– Session with Dómina Ira and Visiting Mistress or Master: I will be receiving outstanding BDSM & Fetish scene personalities of around the world. It will be possible to enjoy One to one and double sessions. Keep yourself informed and updated in the Double Session section.

– One to one session with one of My Disciples under My direct surveillance: Do you want to feel the emotion of taking part in a session carried out by One of My Disciples and directed by Me?Now you have the chance to enjoy and suffer what a clear and fractureless hierachircal order has to offer.

– Session with Dómina Ira and submale and/or subfemale: Do you want to widen your experience including an additional play partner? This is your best choice then.

– Couples oriented session: There are more and more couples that get in touch with Me searching for those lost sparks and the impulse that get you both to a highest level of complicity and enjoyment. Mi wicked house will be your house,  I will be your guide, your confidant and the perfect play-partner.

– Sesiones y eventos en grupo: I will be regularly advertising group sessions and events in the Events section as like as private BDSM events.

– Extended Role-play :  A mindblowing experience that won’t let indifferent the most demanding. I will use My Power and Influence to create a parallel reality in which you ‘ll be immersed until  losing touch. You won’t distinguish fantasy and reality.

The possibilities are endless so if you have something interesting in mind get in touch and expose your idea. I like genuine and original, perverse and wicked. Don’t be afraid,  on Me you will find what you crave for, and taking into account the state of the Art, what you thought extinct.

Take a careful read of the following sections before sending your application: